Future you

Lately I've come across two different sources, talking about future you/future self. The idea is simple: while you are living in the present, you can take decisions that will make your future life a bit easier.

For example: every night before going to bed, I set out my clothes for tomorrow and make sure that all bags or boxes I need to take with me, are at the door.

Those are low effort things to do, but create a more relaxed mind to go to bed. By doing this, future me is ready to take on a new day without worries.

This is an excerpt from Shawn Blanc's The Procrastinator's Guide to Progress. You can download his free e-book at The Focus Course.

If you’re waiting until it’s time to begin work before you make a choice about what to be working on, the choice is much harder. Instead, make the choice for yourself ahead of time.

1. Today, at the end of your day, write down the one thing you need to get done tomorrow. Not necessarily an “urgent” task with a deadline, but rather an important one. A task you need to accomplish in order to keep making progress on a project.
2. Now, decide when you’re going to do that task. Preferably, it will be the first thing you work on tomorrow.
This is your current self making the choice for your future self. Right now, when you can think clearly and make an unbiased decision about tomorrow, is the perfect time to make a decision about the first thing you’re going to do.

Garrick van Buren tweeted about the same subject a while ago:

What’s a one-time investment you can make in yourself? Do it now. Future You says, ‘Thank you.’