One thing I liked this week #4

Netflix. I've been a subscriber since they launched in Belgium and haven't regretted it ever since. For € 9,99/month I can watch their entire library of films/series and they're constantly adding new and interesting stuff.

That's even less than one visit to Kinepolis: € 10,20 for a 2D movie!

Last weekend we enjoyed Steve Aoki's aptly named documentary "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and "Fury" starring Brad Pitt.

When we have more time, we'll definitely be watching:

  • Stranger things
  • Narcos (Season 2, releasing 2 September)

One thing I liked this week #3

My Merrell All Out Peak shoes! These guys made the 100km Dodentocht a lot easier on my feet than my previous 2012 edition with walking boots. The mental challenge is still the same though.

Why are you wearing trail runners for walking?!

In all the documentaries, articles and books I've read about long distance hiking (mostly in America), almost everyone is wearing trail runners instead of walking shoes/boots.

My old walking boots had served me well for more than 1.000 km, so they needed a replacement. Because of my distant dream to walk something like the PCT I thought it would be a good idea to try trail runners.

One visit to Runners' Lab and I was all set. The first 3 walks my feet had to adapt to the shoes, but after that it was all good. I've been walking on these shoes for about a year now and I'm definitely buying new trail runners when these guys need to retire.

One thing I liked this week #2

I like to watch series and the latest I started watching is Last Chance U (Netflix). I'm only two episodes in and love it already.

It's a documentary about an American Football team from a university in the middle of nowhere with an extraordinary record of accomplishments.

This place is for most players, as the title implies, the last chance to make it to the big leagues. And a lot of them did make it in the past.

There are enough shots of the games itself for the sports enthousiast, but mixed with a personal/emotional angle of what the individual players and the staff are going through.

It reminded me a bit of that other great movie: Remember the titans.

If you understand Dutch, read the article of Gumstarr, who's way better at writing reviews of series.

One thing I liked this week #1

For the 12th year in a row, I went to Tomorrowland with a great group of friends. I think this was the best edition so far: amazing weather, awesome stages (hello Rose Garden stage?!) and some great sets.

The ones that stuck out for me:

  • Marshmello (Rose Garden)
  • Dj Ghost (Rose Garden)
  • Oliver Heldens (Garden of Madness)
  • Paul Kalkbrenner (Mainstage)

The inspiration for this (soon to be) series of posts comes from Seth Clifford.